Sunday, March 30, 2014

Focus On The Newsmakers - June 12, 1966

As promised, here is the "mystery audio" I alluded to a few days ago!  The clues led to "news"...something we all listen for, sometimes with excitement, sometimes with trepidation, but it is always there.

In my not-so-humble opinion, real "news" is rare nowadays...what passes for news is often pumped up with drama and commentary.  Today's journalists often have an agenda, which taints the REAL news.  Ah, for some news without all the tainted fluff....

Needless to say, KAAY's very own George Jennings heads up this episode of "Focus On The Newsmakers", dated 6/12/1966.  We've mentioned George many times in this blog; he was a consumate news journalist, avid for his craft and exacting in his endeavors to bring the best reporting possible.

No, this may not be as exciting as hearing your favorite Beaker Street or other KAAY program, BUT, it is historical, top-level KAAY reporting...enjoy!

Bud Stacey

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  1. Cool stuff! Quite a time capsule... thank you so much for sharing this piece of history!