Monday, August 18, 2014

Focus On The Newsmakers 10/20/1968

These may not be as glamorous or heady as some of the music we've posted, or that of the ever-popular Beaker Street, but it IS history, nonetheless.  I don't blame anyone if they don't want to sit & listen to political or other news, but some may find it interesting from a historical point- some may have worked with the particular people interviewed in these recordings or had something to do with campaigns or other events.  With that, we go into...

...George Jennings opening this news magazine dated 10/20/1968- the opening public service announcement or advertisement was for the Big Brothers of America.  The main focus was on the Arkansas Corrections Department, mainly at Cummings and shots being fired:

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  1. I love these FOTN programs! Anything and everything you can post that is KAAY is great!