Friday, August 1, 2014

Retro Post: Christmas In August

Some of you may remember this from A.J.'s blog- and, it being August, I thought it would be fun looking back and remembering!  In the words of A.J., with link added:

"This picture is from a Christmas in August promotion we ran at KAAY. The Santa in the dark sun glasses is Jim Pitcock with no fat padding. We thought this was such a great gag and had him ride around in a convertible with the top down. People were to put signs in their yard for Santa to see as he drove around. Prizes were awarded for the best signs. I forgot what the prizes were, but it was a great successful contest."

Jim Pitcock was a slim, lanky fellow, from the pictures we have of him.  He was "Ron Owens" during his tenure at KAAY, for those who are wondering.  I certainly hope his suit is cooler than my Santa suit- I'm comfortable only if it is in the mid-30s to lower 40s in mine!

THIS is something that brought in great reviews of the station- its unusual contests and promotions.  What with consolidation and ever-tight budgets, radio stations can only seem to make an appearance at a store opening and hand out a few T-shirts, etc. while blaring music piped in from the studio while on-site...certainly not the great quality stuff KAAY and other stations of yesteryear did.

Thanks to A.J. Lindsey for this fun picture- we could only hope we could have been there!  By the way, has anyone reading this post attended any of KAAY's Christmas In August promotions?

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