Monday, August 25, 2014

Various Commercials (7/28/1972)

Here are more ads by Wayne Moss and other announcers (can someone identify them for us, please?)

We have a Moses Record Shop special by The Hollies, Sabric Fabricks, Wallach stores and J. C. Penny ads, among others...there are a couple of false starts & bloopers, which make it all the more interesting- roll it, Greg!

I think I'll go down to Wallach's and get one of those fine televisions, or maybe go to the night owl Penny store sales & get some new threads...Greg, you want to come along?

Who, wh-wh-whooo!

Bud S. (

(it's those 69-cent singles that always got me -- Greg)

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  1. "Huh... Hell, we still got two left!"

    I love the fact that we're getting to hear the asides on these cuts. You can tell these guys are pure Arkansan as soon as they drop the "DJ voice!"