Monday, November 17, 2014

48 Years Ago: Beaker Street (Last :"Dream Sequence" Post)

From this legendary transmitter emanated some of the weirdest sounds ever imagined, behind a soft-spoken, slow-talking but purposeful voice, the opposite of the fast-talking deejays of the day...that of the legendary "Clyde Clifford".  This is the last of the series of the early shows that used the "dream sequence" music behind "Clyde's" voice.  If you notice, the audio is so clear, you can hear the LP "pop" on "Deep Purple's" album on the song "River Deep, Mountain High"....there is some tape degradation, but it is only somewhat noticeable.

KAAY's signal was SO powerful, it normally blanked out virtually any atmospheric noise; therefore, the listener could hear almost every nuance of the broadcast.  When I had the in-line antenna amplifier on my car radio, all four speakers blasted "Beaker Street's" audio out- it was almost like I was listening to a studio-quality copy!  Also, where I lived near Mobile, AL, I was in the center of the southeastern path of the station's figure-eight pattern.  There was no escaping it!!!!

Again, rescued from the broken players of A. J. Lindsey's blog by Dave S., we bring you one more of what I consider the "early Beaker Street" version.  Later, we will post some later versions, beginning in 1971, when "Clyde" utilized the 17-minute "Cannabis Sativa" from the "Head" album....

OK, looking over my shoulder, Greg is huddled down, with his hair tied back and Dave has his copy of The Little Barn's catalog...I guess we're all ready!  From July 3, 1970:

Hey, let me go get my big silver peace ring from Little Barn...hit it, Greg!

Bud S. (

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