Saturday, November 15, 2014

"The Phone" At The Transmitter Site

There were some messages floating around about "the phone" out at the KAAY transmitter's some information from Doug Virden:

"Doug Virden
Here is the story I got from Barry about the phone @ the transmitter building. It was still hooked up and working until around the mid to late 90's. Management realized they were paying a 20 something dollar a month lease to have a phone hooked up out there so management shut it off. This was before most everyone had cell phones. The reason the phone wasn't updated @ some point over the years probably because Felix McDonald wouldn't change it.

I believe that phone was the original one put in when KTHS moved to LR in the early 50's. That was the phone style in the 40's and through the 50's. I believe when 1090 changed to KAAY those phones were already phased out."

I snapped this photo while on my trip to Little Rock back in 2011 and it was posted here back then, as well.  I also have a phone like this in my possession, given to me by a dear friend.  When he gave it to me, it had been wired for present systems- and it still worked!

Thank you, Doug, for your comments!

Bud S. (

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  1. Awesome pic. That phone was plain and simple - powerful and not to be denied - like the 50,000 watts KAAY was pumping out.