Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Phone....

There's been some messages and inquiries about "the phone" on the desk where Clyde Clifford held sway over "Big Momma" as David B. Treadway calls the big 50,000-watt RCA transmitter out in Wrightsville, AR...and here's the phone on the desk, in the picture I took when I was THERE in April 2011....

Doug Virden noted, "Here is the story I got from Barry about the phone @ the transmitter building. It was still hooked up and working until around the mid to late 90's. Management realized they were paying a 20 something dollar a month lease to have a phone hooked up out there so management shut it off. This was before most everyone had cell phones. The reason the phone wasn't updated @ some point over the years probably because Felix McDonald wouldn't change it.

I believe that phone was the original one put in when KTHS moved to LR in the early 50's. That was the phone style in the 40's and through the 50's. I believe when 1090 changed to KAAY those phones were already phased out."

Thanks Doug, and thanks for those who left comments on Facebook regarding "the phone"!

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