Monday, November 24, 2014

...And Then, Beaker Street Changed A Little...

Somewhere after the "Dreamscape" airchecks we've presented to you in 1970 and somewhere in 1971 (and maybe a little later?), there were some changes to Beaker Street...

One was the intro using the Moog synthesizer version of "House Of The Rising Sun"...the other was that the background music was changed to "Cannabis Sativa" from the "Head" album...both very interesting tunes!  Greg B. and I had been discussing bringing these back for your enjoyment...and I was able to find the Moog "House Of The Rising Sun" and download it from the web.

There are some interesting historical links about the Moog analog synthesizer on the web.  Dr. Robert A. Moog began in the 1950s selling theramin machines in kit form.  He later built and sold complex synthesizers under "R. A. Moog Co.", then "Moog Music" and later "Moog Electronics".  The first commercially-sold Moog synthesizer prototype was commissioned by the Alwin Nikolais Dance Theater of NY in 1964.

Jumping forward, on the DECCA label, Claude Denjean utilized the Moog to lay down tracks for numerous pop songs of the then era...the one we're concerned with, since it has a history with Beaker Street is "House of The Rising Sun"

I cannot remember the link where I found the music...and things change on the web almost daily, sometimes.  Nonetheless, I'd love to find this album and get it for my very own!

Now, for the moment you've been waiting for:  the song itself!  Hit it, Greg!

Stay tuned..."Head" is coming!

Bud S. (


  1. The album can be heard here:!/album/Moog/6466379

  2. Bud, I have the link (to some blog in Germany) but it no longer works.


  3. "Moog!" was one of gobs of albums that came out in the early 1970s, trying to capitalize on the successful work of Wendy Carlos. Interestingly Carlos was interested in Theremin circuits and came across Moog (rhymes with vogue) at a music convention. The rest as they say is history.