Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Remembering Gayle McCormick- Jonnie King


After a long, valiant battle with Cancer, my dear friend, St. Louis' Gayle McCormick, one of the most iconic female singers to define the era of the 60's, passed away in St. Louis, on March 1, 2016.  With "A Group Called Smith", Gayle set the music world on its ear in August of 1969 with the release of their version of the Classic hit "Baby It's You".  She was 67.

In the last few years, Gayle was amazed & overwhelmed at resurgence of her popularity, and the new fans she had gathered through the advent of her being featured, not only on the Internationally-known Tribute Page that I set-up for her  but, the great number of You Tube presentations featuring her with Smith, her solo career, and, with the great local-connection recordings with Steve Cummings & The Klassmen...ALL now available to be read about, seen, and, heard World Wide through the Internet. PLUS, those who remember her from the early years, have also reunited with her music, her beauty, and, the one-of-a-kind voice that they never forgot.

Her talent is known in all 50 States, and the more-than 138 Countries that come to my Site alone. And, her talent, her spirit, and, the remarkable voice she possessed will live on forever throughout the Universe...wherever music is heard.

Jonnie King (3-2-2016)

SPECIAL NOTE: IF YOU HAVE NOT READ the Tribute to Gayle  please take the time to do so.  Within its words, images, and, photos, you will learn the history of this truly remarkable singer-entertainer...and why she has always had an impact on the World of Music from the very first time she ever stepped onto a the minute you're reading these words right now.

(Dear reader and visitor, friends of the blog, I apologize for not getting this posted sooner; life continues to get in my way.  I also apologize to Jonnie King for not getting this posted in a timely manner.)

Also, a mention of Gayle from Karen Adams, friend of Jonnie:

"Thanks.  What a beautiful tribute to Gayle.  When I saw the photo of her standing in the walkway to The Bat Cave I knew exactly where it was taken!  What wonderful memories...Johnny Rabbit and the Bat Cave.  I remember Johnny Rabbit at my house many times and Gayle's beautiful voice.

Thank you for letting me know that Gayle passed away.....way too young.


  1. If Jonnie would like, I could send him a quick interview he did with Gayle. It was actually one of the first bits of audio I retrieved from the KAAY transmitter tapes. It might be something he already has, but if not, I can get it to him.

  2. Barry, I'd love to hear the tape of Gayle's interview on this site too!!

  3. Me too,I just discovered Gayle.