Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Buddy Rogers Music Store

I have an undated, 'scoped Beaker Street that I'd sent A.J. for his blog a couple of years ago; I was recently listening to it, since I cruise through things from time to time, listening for odd, interesting bits of history.  I came upon an ad for "Buddy Roger's Music Store" in the North Hills Center, off the Sherwood exit (off I-40?).  It was touted as Central Arkansas' most complete drum and guitar showroom, which became Arkansas' first discount music store, "with everything for the music enthusiast".

I searched all over and came up with nothing.  I'm sure, for the time, it was a happenin' place, being advertised on Beaker Street and, with the influence of the music being played, probably did a brisk business.  All I could find was a reference to the same named chain of stores in Cincinnati, OH, where it looks like it's been for quite some time (since 1957).  Other branch stores include Dayton/Centerville, Wilmington, West Chester, Columbus and Harrison, OH, as well as facilities mentioned in northern Kentucky and eastern Indiana.

I was hoping for more nostalgic photo material, but I guess this one wasn't to be!  Did anyone buy their trippin' electric guitar or other gear there while it was in business?

I'll try and contact someone to see if they remember a branch store in Little Rock; however, I didn't see it in their company the meantime, here's a company history; nowhere in it is Little Rock, AR mentioned:

Anyone remember them?

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