Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Well, again, congrats to all for contributing to a GREAT first year for our new Big K Site !   I'm just happy to drop a few words for you occasionally about one of America's finest and most respected stations in Broadcast History.

Speaking of "History" (Man, I love a good seque !), I'm on my way to Salina, Kansas for the 30th Anniversary of the Kustom Kemps Of America...leaving on Thurs. (7-22-2010).  It's gonna be a "whopper" !  Hall Of Fame Legends George Barris, Darryl Starbird, Gene Winfield, "Miss Hurst Shifter" Linda Vaughn, "John Milner" (Paul LeMat) from American Grafitti, etc, etc. will be there.  PLUS an Oldies show with Jimmy Clanton, Kathy Young, The Contours, et al.

SO, you can see I'll have a busy weekend getting some great new Interviews for my Hall Of Fame Legends Series of today the Site has had OVER 8,000,000 Hits, 125,000 Visitors from all 50 States AND 110 Foreign Countries.  It's almost like being on KAAY again, only in Stereo !


After Barry Wood & Pat Walsh hired me, Jerry Don Pitcock (Ken Knight), called me almost every night when I was at KLID saying: "Hurry up, Pard !  Come on down, we need you ASAP !"  This went on til the day I finally left and was on my way. 

Jerry had been made Production Director, and didn't want to do an airshift in addition to those duties, so he was anxious for me to get there.  Jerry was married to a really sweet, cute little girl named Lois, and he wanted to spend more of his nights with her.

Well, my first night on The Big K was April 21, 1969, and since I knew I was going to be at the station for a long time that night, I brought some food along and stored it in the Mighty 1090 Fridge.

As it happened, Jerry was there a little later that night himself, and then left for home. Shortly after, I was getting hungry, and went to the fridge only to find everything I had put in there gone !

Well, the next day I told Barry Wood about it, he brought it up with Pat Walsh, and Pat narrowed the "investigation" down to Pitcock who admitted that he was the culprit.  He said he was sorry, but needless to say, I didn't put much in the fridge after that, and if I did it was plainly labeled:  "Property of the King".

(I don't know where Jerry Don is today, but he still owes me a banana, some strawberry yogurt, a coke, and, a pair of Twinkies !)

I'm on my way out the door...more later, Salina here I come !

Jonnie King

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