Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 15, Our One-Year Anniversary!

After A. J. Lindsey passed away, I was almost in a panic thinking that all the history he'd reclaimed would be lost again....and we'd all be poorer because of it.  Fortunately, several of us got together after I e-mailed everyone I could find and we got this blog going.  Data was saved, thankfully.  At one time, A. J.'s blog went down or the players quit, but some unknown benefactor must have paid the bill, because everything started working again.  Nonetheless, we forged ahead with this blog, to continue in the format and tradition A. J. started.

From about mid-2006 until early 2009, A. J. kept us entertained with the history of KAAY.  We have been able to do the same since starting this blog a year ago today.  It has been much more work than I had envisioned and, without the help of some qualified people in their fields (especially Dave Schmidt for all his computer & audio help!), it would have died a quick death.  Not only that, but with the help of many former employees of KAAY and many fans, listeners and other assorted people, all who donated material, memories, anecdotes and stories, it has kept going.  Just about the time I run out of ideas or material, up pops someone with a new picture, album cover, promotional bit or piece- and it has gratefully been accepted here to share with you, dear reader!

For a little niche blog, it has done quite well, totalling many more "hits" than I would have expected, from all over the globe.  I never knew that there were still people out there who remembered the station after all these years!

Some kind words from David B. Treadway, one of The Greats Who Were There:

"Dear Bud and all the crew,

Congratulations on the Blog Birthday! It's quite a testament to KAAY to have it so fondly remembered and carefully chronicled these many, many years later. I guess this is what the term "Legend" is all about.

Somewhere in the Great Beyond there's a set of transmitter tubes that are kept hot by the Blog. All of us who were There owe y'all a big debt of gratitude!

David B. Treadway
Doc Holiday VII
The Last PD"

And to David B., Jerry, Charlie, Mike, Greg, Tom, Barry, Phil, Bob, Dick, Dave, Don, Doug, Jonnie, Lee, Mark and many, many others Who Were There and continue to check in, my uttermost thanks for your support...we fans still adore you and those days and nights you entertained us!

And, most of all, to A. J., in the Studio Of All Studios, wherever you are: you gave us the impetus to continue to do and enjoy what we love.  Thank you for starting what you did and giving us the "oomph" to continue on.

Happy Anniversary to us, the Mighty 1090 KAAY Blog!  We have YOU to thank, dear reader!

Bud S. (

( just seems like yesterday....)

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