Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another Mention Of Wayne Moss

Awhile before he passed away, A. J. Lindsey ("Doc Holiday"/"Emperor Holiday") asked me if I remembered Wayne Moss ever having worked in Mobile, AL.  That e-mail triggered me into checking- I think I'd remembered that Wayne Moss had a "history" in 440 Satisfaction:

which chronicles radio history, people and stations; no longer there, I wonder if maybe the entry had been deleted for some reason?  Was it ever there?  What did David B. Treadway say about an "already bad memory"?

Nonetheless, I found a historical site for WABB, a long-time radio station in Mobile since 1948 and they had pictures!

As the pictures scrolled by, I recognized a name: Wayne Moss!  Here is a Top 50 Survey from 1965; Wayne's picture is in the top left-hand corner of The Good Guys collage:

Here's the other side of the survey, just for kicks:

Not only that, I believe this is Wayne Moss, second from the left with the acoustic guitar, in this Good Guys Photo:

After careful scrutiny, I believe this is the same Wayne Moss who worked at KAAY as "Sonny Martin", then later as himself when the airname was already in use by another deejay.  A. J. Lindsey mentioned, in his blog, that Mr. Moss has retired and was living in Roanoke, VA.

(As an aside, Bernie Dittman, former owner of WABB, was a customer of mine, before he passed away in October 2006; he had a yacht with twin Cummins VT903-M diesel engines.)

Wayne Moss, wherever you are, we would be honored if you'd comment?  Thank you, sir.

Bud S. (

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