Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Got My Copy! Arkansas Airwaves

I was on the RadioInfo message boards the other day, when I saw a post by Michael Hibblen, answering my question about Ray Poindexter's "Arkansas Airwaves":

If anyone wants to own their own copy (like I did!), here is the link that Michael provided:


The one listed at ABC Books is no longer there...that's the one I got- and it's a signed copy!  Needless to say, my copy shown above is in great shape, only a slight tear to the inner mylar cover, but you have to look to see it.  I've started devouring it, to be sure!

There is only slight mention of KAAY in the latter part of the book, but so far, the early history of radio in Arkansas seems well covered.  I am enjoying this book.

Michael Hibblen, thank you so much for letting me know where to find this book!

Bud S. (staceys4@hotmail.com)


  1. Thanks for the props! I had read this in 1990 while in college, but since first seeing the post earlier this month, I checked out a library copy and have been reading it again. I'm almost done and have got to say it has been fascinating reading.

    The rich narratives of the births of stations that would become institutions is great. The only difficulty with the book is, since it was published in 1972, figuring out what stations they later became, since frequencies are not always included alongside call letters. So much changed in Arkansas radio in the years right after this book came out, mainly FM finally catching on and overtaking AM. And of course corporate consolidation that changed everything in the 1990s.

    Some kind of follow up on Arkansas radio history, picking up where this book left off, sure would be nice. But this book is an incredible gem. Ray Poindexter clearly did so much research and had great passion for his topic. I'm thankful someone documented how broadcasting began in Arkansas. I've decided I need to buy a copy of this myself to have in my collection. But for anyone interested, it seems there are copies in most major libraries in the state, so definitely give it a read if you haven't, especially if you're a radio person or interested in broadcasting.

  2. Can anyone tell me where to find a copy to read, or buy....thanks Teka

  3. Teka, I clicked the link Michael Hibblen provided and found several book stores all over the country who had copies, with varying prices and conditions. I called one, hit paydirt and had it shipped! Bud S.

  4. Thanks Bud S. Got my copy and also "Golden Throats and Silver Tongues" both are great, great, great history. Going to enjoy on one of Arkansas's snow/ice days. Thanks for such a timely response. Have safe and prosperous 2000'12. Teka