Monday, November 8, 2010

The Last Radio Yesterday, Part 1

KAAY had many, many things going for it, for example, the program "Radio Yesterday", programmed by Barry Mac, aired for a period of time after KAAY "went Christian".  If you remember, Barry had run the board from 6 PM until the station was turned over to the new programming at midnight on what we called here "The Last Day", April 3, 1985:

Barry stayed behind, working with the new owners of KAAY, when, one day, prompted by Felix McDonald, he went to the transmitter site and found loads and loads of tapes.  If my memory serves me properly, Barry told me that the find was a stimulus for a "retro" show, which he ran for quite some time.  Some thought that playing rock & roll on a Christian station would evoke some wrath from the listenership, but the show was well received, actually gaining listeners!

Here is Part 1 of the last Radio Yesterday.  If you hear some advertisements that seem familiar, you're correct:  Barry is instrumental in supplying this blog with these little tidbits of radio history:

The final "Radio Yesterday", Part 1:   stream   |   download

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