Monday, November 15, 2010

The Last Radio Yesterday, Part 3

Alas, it is said that all good things must end --- and so it did with Radio Yesterday.  Barry mentioned to me that he'd seen the end of the relationship between him and the KAAY "suits".  This was the last hurrah.  By January 2007, he handed the reins off and left KAAY.  As Dave M. mentioned before about "last one out, turn out the lights", Barry Mac turned the Top 40 lights out on KAAY.  We can thank him for keeping the memories going for as long as he did!

And, he's not through yet!  Later, he had a program called Tin Pan Alley, aired elsewhere, which, maybe later we can get a history of.  Nonetheless, he is still graciously sharing little audio tidbits, which consist of ads, soundbites, etc., for us to enjoy.

As with many of The Greats, Barry strikes me as a selfless, humble man, willing to share those great memories with us all.  I feel privileged to have met and talked with the man.  He, like the other Greats, had a profound effect on many of us through his work --- both behind the scenes and behind the mic --- and still does through his contributions.

Thank you, Barry Mac!  Herewith, the last part of The Last Radio Yesterday:

The final "Radio Yesterday", Part 3:   stream   |   download

My great thanks also go to Dave S. for his handiwork and selfless, tireless contributions in audio and video work for this blog; I need to learn more about computers- and, without him, much of this blog would not be possible!

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