Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy KAAY Anniversary, Jonnie King!

I want to interrupt the regularly-scheduled retro-program to commemorate Jonnie King's anniversary at KAAY, back on April 21, 1969- congratulations, Jonnie!

I wish I could have had just a bit of audio from Gary Gears, announcing Jonnie, inserted for you to enjoy, BUT if you go to some of Jonnie's airchecks here, you'll hear Gary announcing Jonnie- just type in "Jonnie King" in the upper left-hand corner search box and look for a couple of 1972 airchecks.  In fact, since we're commemorating Jonnie's anniversary at KAAY, please enjoy ALL his airchecks, while you're at it!

Jonnie is full of wonderful energy, enthusiasm and encouragement.  Every time he and I speak, he encourages me- not only for this blog- but in every phase of my life.  Jonnie, like his mentors, pours his energy into those around him.  I am richer for this outpouring of Jonnie's encouragement.

Happy Anniversary, Jonnie!

Bud S. (

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  1. I LOVE Jonnie King. To this very moment. So THERE!

    dbt/Holiday VII