Friday, February 10, 2012

Little Barn Catalog!

WOW!  What a piece of history!  Two friends of the blog, Gil and Shawn, have sent copies of the Little Barn's first edition catalog!  The Little Barn advertised- appropriately- on Beaker Street.  For more Little Barn information and some history, please type "Little Barn" in the search window at the upper left-hand box and click the magnifyng glass....

There are so many pages- thrity-two, plus a cover/back cover shot- that I'll have to spread this out over quite a few posts.  So hang on, turn the lights down LOW, light some incense (can you find it any more?), put on your finest low-rider jeans and tie-dye T-shirt and head band, let you hair down and enjoy!

I can only imagine what folks cooked up with those utensils....

Bud S. (

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  1. Are you still out there, Bud? Would be really great to get a contact address of some type for Clyde. Been looking for a band he played (Louis) without much luck.