Friday, February 3, 2012

More Soviet Radio Pictures

As you find this interesting? These are more photos sent along from our visitor from Cuba...

This is its power supply and a comparison in size as in relation to a USB drive:

And the radio itself comparing in size to the USB drive:

This picture of the power supply shows the differing voltage/current from U.S. units:

And one last shot of the manufacturing information of the VEF radio:

I hope you have enjoyed these pictures, gifts from our friend in Cuba, who, so many years ago, enjoyed listening to KAAY and Beaker Street as we did.

And now, a parting word from our friend:

"Bud, there's something you should know, listeners of the KAAY AM station, during the 70's here can be counted by thousands, just do not know that there is a blog where can share those experiences, the day they learned, you may receive many emails, letters and photos. Another thing you should know, and it is good that appears on your post. Here are just listening to the KAAY from midnight, of course the single most heard was Beaker Street program, the station's signal vanished almost at dawn, nobody ever knew why, and it did not matter,as midnight following waiting for Cannabis Sativa notes,moments before hearing the voice of Clyde Clifford."

Ah, yes, Clyde...! You had such an influence- and still do! We all look forward to encouraging messages from all over the world regarding KAAY...thank you, sir, for sharing your pictures and very kind words!

Bud S. (

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