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Folks, the only reason I mention this is that because two KAAY alumni also worked at WABB here in Mobile...Wayne Moss and Steve Morris. It was announced that the FM operation was sold on Friday, February 17, 2012, to Educational Media Foundation, a Christian broadcaster; the AM operation is being retained by the Dittman family and will continue to air Talk Radio. Here is a link (there are plenty more on the web):

EMF seems to pay their bills and treats their personnel quite well, resulting in very low turn-over. Personally, I am glad Clear Channel nor Cumulus got them.

WABB-AM signed on in 1948 and moved to its present digs on Springhill Ave. in Mobile in 1969; the current FM operation signed on in 1973 on its current frequency of 97.5, even though it simulcasted on several other FM frequencies from the beginning, until discontinued in the 1950s.

I have my own opinions about recent history at WABB, but I will keep them to myself, in respect to my former (deceased) customer Bernie Dittman. Maybe more energy and attention will now be paid to the AM operation on 1480 kc's and it will continue to operate profitably for the Dittman family....

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  1. Bud - the only regret I have about EMF's purchase of WABB-FM is that, for however good their employees are treated, they have zero local presence. Everything from their HQ. A big signal along the Gulf coast is going to become a repeater.

    Oh, there's another connection involved here. A longtime top-40 station, much-beloved by its audience, and as "legendary" as it gets in this business. It's coming to an end, being bought by a company who plans to take it religious.

    Where have we heard this story before....?? ;-)


  2. Today, February 29, 2012, is the last day WABB-FM will transmit, before going to their new owners. Cherish Lombard, hostess of Fox 10 TV's "Studio 10" show, is a former WABB deejay (at age 15); she did a segment on "Studio 10" this morning regarding Bernie Ditman and the FM station's presence and history in Mobile, from 1973 to present. It was a good report, full of pictures of Bernie and past deejays, as well...even a candid audio clip of Bernie tricked into being on the air with a couple of jocks- hilarious!

    I'm sure Bernie is turning over in his grave, due to how WABB-FM has been gutted since his passing. Yes, as Russell Wells aluded above in his comment...where have we seen this before?

    Bud S.

  3. I'm a former employee of WABB, and was searching the net for nostalgia's sake. I came across this site. It caught my attention because of the mention of Steve Morris ( a.k.a Steve Scott). I knew Steve very well, in fact it was he, during many an overnight shift who taught me radio. How to run the board, talk in the mic, segue records, ect... Anyway, he was a pretty awesome dude who quite literally taught me everything I knew about radio.

  4. I knew Steve Morris (a.k.a Steve Scott) very well. During his tenure doing overnights at WABB he literally taught me everything I knew about radio, and talked a lot about his days (or nights really) at KAAY. In fact, because of all the time I spent hanging out with Steve when I was a new DJ, (and he a seasoned veteran) I became a huge fan KAAY and have downloaded many air-checks for my own blast from the past listening enjoyment.

    Thing was Steve knew pretty early on what was coming and got out of the business sometime in the early 90's. He had had 10 years in the Navy so he went and got hired on with the US Postal service, worked there 10 years and retired with 20 years civil service. Smart guy.

  5. Wow, Shane McBryde checked in- thanks, Shane! Isn't it a small world? Didn't know you graduated from MGM, like I did (so many MORE years ago!)...if you read this, Shane, please contact me at:

    Bud S.

  6. Shane McBride --- where are you ???
    Steve Scott