Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wayne Moss, "K-Double-A-Y, Kay-Why" Aircheck

Here is another audio gem from Wayne Moss!  It is heavily 'scoped, but only on the music and some commercials.  There is an interesting "KAAY Double Golden" jingle you gotta hear on this aircheck!  Lots of other jingles and promos on this aircheck, as well.

Mitch Michaels is the newsman on this aircheck.  Pat Walsh is doing the "Cash Cruiser", giving away some nice cash!  Gary Gears voices some of the identifiers.

This is a morning aircheck; it sounds as if it is a conglomeration of a couple or three airchecks.  Temperatures range from 80 to the nineties.

Wayne said he thought this was from maybe late 1975 or 1976, but there is a commercial for Beaker Street's 8th anniversary of September this would make the date of this announcement in September of 1974, since Beaker Street began in late 1966.

Much abounds during this audio offering; if anyone can pin down any more specific dates and facts, please leave your comments!

(or download here)

Thanks to Wayne Moss for this aircheck, and to Dave S. for his audio know-how, so that we can enjoy more aural history!

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