Friday, May 18, 2012

Dan Garner, KLAZ-FM, Satellite TV

Doug Ward, who sent in the George J. Jennings YouTube video awhile back sent in this little historical tidbit:

"...I noticed a post a few months ago discussing KLAZ-FM and its founder, Dan Garner. Dan died several years ago, but it should be noted that he almost had a huge deal after KLAZ - he received one of the first licenses for a Direct Broadcast Satellite. Dan and his engineer, Dr. G. Gordon Apple, were truly the pioneers of the industry. Unfortunately, his license got transferred to another company due to FCC politics, and now the DBS industry is served by DirecTV and Dish Network. So in a way, KAAY served as an indirect inspiration that led to the satellite TV programming I enjoy at home today.

Someone wrote a book about the DBS industry titled "Cutthroat" - a preview of the chapter about Dan Garner is online here -

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