Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Eric Thomas, KAAY, May 1981, Pt. 2

Again, more great hit music (even though it is 'scoped), brought by Eric Thomas on KAAY!  This seems like a continuation (or very similar) to the previous post.

This is another example of the daytime broadcasts many of us could not hear.  Even though it is heavily 'scoped, it still brings back good memories of the music from the early 1980's....

(or download here)

And again, thanks to Russell Wells for his donation and to Dave S., who donates a LOT of his time behind the scenes to make sure you enjoy these audio goodies!

Bud S. (


  1. Bud, I hate to burst your bubble but this isn't a "daytime" airshift, but one *after midnight*. The phrase " the AM at 12:40" is a dead giveaway. This from midnight on into the pre-dawn hours. Again this is an example of what would be considered by today's standards "old time radio"--live, local, and giving current time and live weather information. A lost art on what passes for most radio these days in an era of media consolidation.

    A couple of other notes, this is from Memorial Day weekend and Eric gives a mention of Riverfest then still a new festival in Little Rock which was then held at Murray Park (near Murray Lock & Dam) instead of the current downtown location at Riverfront Park (which has grown into a large event). Also Eric Thomas would later work at another station in the Little Rock market, KMJX 105.1 better known as "Magic 105" a rock/classic rock station that existed from 1980-2008.

  2. One more detail I was able to glean out of listening to the aircheck, I commented early that this was one after midnight, this is Thomas' airshift from Midnight-5:30AM the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend which would put date it as May 23, 1981. 31 Years ago this Wed.

  3. And a good catch, Fritze! Please keep me straight, as I'm handling so much material, I have made (and probably will continue to make) mistakes in my commentary! Some audio, I listen to months ahead of it being posted, other times, I have the (very rare) luxury of reviewing it as I post it. So, keep on keepin' on, Fritze, I do not mind you correcting me! Bud