Friday, May 4, 2012

Mark Larsen Aircheck! KAAY 1979

Folks, here's Marvelous Mark Larsen!  In checking with Mark, he said he'd sent this to us awhile back and we already had it on the blog...and this was in Russell Wells' collection, so we thought we'd bring it back.  So, for your enjoyment, here is mixed-bag aircheck of Marvelous Mark from 1979!  Times are all over the place, so I believe this is a montage of dates.  'Scoped, yes, but I'll bet the snippets of music got your toes tappin' and memories flowin'~!

(or download here)

Thanks again to Russell Wells, for sharing his great collection!

Bud S. (

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  1. My most significant memory of Marvelous Mark came along, I believe, in the latter half of '78. He played a new song that found its way onto the playlist, and coming out of the song, he apologized for playing it, commenting how horrible he thought it was. That song was one-hit wonder Alicia Bridges, "I Love the Night Life." It wound up in the top 10 within a couple of months. But Mark, just to let you know, I was (and still am) in complete agreement with your opinion!