Wednesday, May 2, 2012

KLPQ Blooper

Lance Sanders sent us this audio post and note!


I was going through some old tapes I had recorded & found this funny blooper from KLPQ, the FM sister of KAAY.

The cart snarled during a song; a dash for another ensues on-air.  The guy did a good job recovering, but I can't remember his name. Bet some of the readers will know.

This is spring of 1981 if tape was marked correctly. Enjoy.

Lance D. Sanders - AD5KL
Hot Springs Village, AR

 Here's the audio:

(or download here)

Thanks, Lance!


  1. Oh, dear Lord! If I'm not mistaken, the voice on this tape-eating blooper from the spring of '81 was a guy named Mark Wallace. Quite coincidentally, this is the person who recommended me to David B. Treadway for my first radio job, at KAAY, in October of '84. Mark was also working at KAAY in the latter of half of '84 and early '85, as we headed into the last days of the old guard. And our original poster of this is quite correct - nice recovery, Uncle Marcus!

  2. Thanks Barry! I wondered who that was all these years. I'd just hit the Record button to tape "Ghost Riders In The Sky" when that happened. I thought it was funny so I never erased it.

    Thanks also to Dave M. and Paul Kirby for the great posts on those pesky carts. Glad everyone enjoyed the blooper.