Thursday, May 10, 2012

Eric Thomas! KAAY, May 1981

Here's a "new" one, from the Russell Wells Collection!  Doing my research, I haven't found anything on Eric Thomas before.  Here is a 'scoped morning aircheck from May 1981:

(or download here)

Can anyone give us an insight on Eric Thomas and if that was his real name?  Thank you!

And thanks to Russell Wells for sharing; and to Dave S. for sharing his computer skills to bring these audio gems out for us to enjoy!

Bud S. (


  1. Great aircheck! Even though I wasn't in the demo for KAAY (I was a HS freshman at the time) its great to hear stations I remember.

    What is amazing for "modern" radio listeners (post 1996 Telcom Act) is that here was an AM Radio station playing popular music (albeit a AC/oldies hybrid) *and* being live and local after midnight. Try to find a radio station during the day give time and temperature--most have pre-recorded weather info. I did occasional listen to KAAY some toward the later years but it was occasional. Even in 1981-1985, AM Radio was "old hat" to us in the MTV Generation. I preferred KKYK, KLPQ, KLAZ (after it dumped the "Southern Contemporary" for Urban/ CHR in the Summer of 1982)or KMJX (Magic 105, and when the "weather was right" (tropo): "FM 102" (KNOE-FM) Monroe LA, or Rock 103 Memphis (WZXR). Sometimes, I would go down on the AM dial during the day to KCAT 1340 Pine Bluff which was the only "urban" station I could get during the day. My parents had relegated KAAY to their old clock radio as they were loyal listeners to the country music on KSSN 96.

  2. Correction....I meant *PRE* telcom act, not post.

  3. Didn't care for the station's decision to call itself K-Y during this time. It just didn't sound right after K-double-A-Y and KAAY all those years.

    Still a great aircheck & it's always interesting to hear the station through all of its phases. And these always have some forgotten songs that are good to hear again. I use the Shazam app on my iphone to find some of the song names if I can't remember them.