Thursday, July 5, 2012

Eric Thomas, "KAAY, KQ94-FM", July 5, 1981

Boy, when I heard this identifier, I thought, "Were they simulcasting on this date???"  I know Dave Montgomery and Greg Fadick ("Hot Scott Fisher") told us so many months ago about an FM operation and sister station.  This had been KEZQ-FM, which became KLPQ-FM...and the rest is history...see this link:

Unscoped, with some atmospheric fade, this is a real aircheck, "DXed from Iowa", the notes say...nostalgic, isn't it?  Seems as if there's some co-channel interference, like a hazy, high-pitched buzz there, as well...?  Thirty-one years later today, it seems and sounds like just yesterday....

(or download here)

Being DXed from Iowa, this had to be a night-time broadcast.  Remember those coverage maps?  Yeah!

Thanks to Dave S. for archiving and to Russell Wells for his superb library!

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  1. I kinda remember 94.1 (KLPQ at the time) and KAAY simulcasting on early AM Sunday mornings pre-dawn. A few times I've gotten up that early and turned on the radio I've heard the simulcast. Likely a cost-saving move. KLPQ 94.1 changed formats to Country Music (one of several attempts by competitors of dominant KSSN 95.7 in a Country music radio war)in mid 1982 and this practice was discontinued.

  2. Listened to KAAY almost every night for about four years from Marshalltown, Iowa. I don't know how I would have built my album collection without it. The channel was famous in these parts and us kids would talk about it at school the next day. BIG influence on us. Thanks.

  3. Thank you! Keep up the great unscoped 'checks!