Monday, July 2, 2012

Jersey Shore, Summertime 1906

Down on the Jersey Shore, ca. 1906.

Ahh, summertime! I thought this photo was interesting on several levels. With now being officially summer, thoughts turn to family outings and "the beach". This is what it was like on one summer day in 1906, the beach at Atlantic City, NJ - people out having fun and enjoying the water and sand. And just to make this related to radio, the photo caption also points out a "DeForest Wireless" radio station. Look for the antenna mast in the haze - near the end of the pier.

Check out the swimsuits! and the variety of concessions. Also the first aid tent in the close foreground. What else can you spot?

Y'all be safe, and have fun!

photo credits:

Dave Montgomery

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