Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WAKY's 3rd Reunion

Heard from The Voice we all love and know, Tom Perryman regarding one of KAAY's former sister LIN stations, WAKY:

"WAKY had its 3rd Reunion at the Louisville Zoo in mid June and about 19 thousand showed can see WAKY web at it out...WAKY actually turns 54 years old this year!...I started at WAKY as a newsman 52 years ago!"

Tom also mentions, "WAKY was started in 1958 by the McLendon Corp. out of Dallas.   Gordon McLendon was an extraordinary person and he and his father were the brains behind the company that started with KLIF in Dallas, and acquired KILT in Houston, and a station in San Antonio and elsewhere..LIN bought WAKY I believe in 1961 or 62..and bought KILT not long after if I recall correctly.  Don Keyes was the programming guy behind all the Top 40 stations McLendon had..and he was a great guy...In the early years, all the McLendon stations earned huge ratings in all the markets they were in.  Best regards! Tom Perryman"

You can also visit the AM website of WAKY at:

and enjoy lots of neat may even see a few names there of deejays and newsmen who worked at both WAKY and KAAY!

If you want to hear and see more of Tom, just type "Tom Perryman" or "Tom Perry" in the upper left-hand box and do a search...Tom's voice boomed and reverberated all over KAAY's i.d.'s!

Thank you, Tom!

Bud S. (

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