Tuesday, July 31, 2012

KAAY Reunion Rescheduled Per Barry Mac

Just wanted to let you know that I went to the blog and saw the posting for KAAY's 50th birthday bash, and figured I should let you know that we've changed the date to the 14th.  This was done primarily so we could have Rex Nelson as a guest speaker.  I know that as far as radio, and specifically KAAY radio, goes, this means little to nothing for most people outside of Arkansas, but Rex is a native Arkansan who has mostly been in the political arena, working in former Gov. Mike Huckabee's administration and writing columns for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.  But the main appeal of having Rex present is his superior knowledge of all things Arkansas, which extends into virtually all things broadcasting in Arkansas.  In fact, for almost three decades, one of Rex's side jobs has been announcing games for Ouachita Baptist University.  And a further fact, he wasn't going to be available on September 7th because he was going to be doing a road game for OBU on Saturday the 8th, and would have to leave the afternoon of the 7th to travel there. Also, an old radio cohort of mine named Jay Brentlinger was going to be out of the country on the 7th, but he's returning on the 12th, and should be available to attend. Jay was a very young assistant to Felix McDonald in the early '80s, and for a number of years has been working as a technical supervisor for Orban, which makes all sorts of radio broadcasting processors and equipment. Jay is also one of many who wants to preserve the old RCA transmitter.

So anyway, we've confirmed the move to the 14th, and I promise, it won't be moved again.
Folks, see the previous post for contact information on this very important reunion!  Bud S.

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  1. Please post a photo of Rex Nelson and Clyde Clifford together. It would be like that photo of Nixon and Elvis in the Oval Office.