Friday, January 11, 2013

Comments & Recordings

Folks, we are ALWAYS looking for comments and e-mails in support of this blog!  Here's one that I found lately in my e-mail:


I grew up in a small town Louisiana MO. I use to listen to Baker St. on your station (1974/75) ever night when I could get the skip. I'm glad to see you are still around. Your station was better than any thing coming out of St. Louis.

Respectfully yours,

Gerald "Jerry" Floyd

Another recent comment was 'way back on a post we made about Ray Lincoln...the anonymous commenter said he has reel-to-reel recordings of Ray and some of his characters.  Please, to the anonymous commenter, YES, we would like digital copies of those recordings so we can post them here for you!  If you cannot transfer those reel-to-reel tapes, we have a man who can do it: Greg Barman.  I'll even pay for the postage to and from (if it is REASONABLE, that is).

Please contact me @ regarding recordings and audio!

Bud S.

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