Friday, January 25, 2013

We're Goin' Back In Time....

Dear visitors and friends of the Mighty 1090 KAAY Blogspot, 

In the coming weeks, maybe months, we'll be bringing you some lost archived audio --- and maybe pictures --- that are no longer available on A. J. Lindsey's blog.  After A.J. "Doc Holiday" passed away a few years ago, the audio players on his blog page wouldn't yield the audio there. Mysteriously, they began again, for a short while, then went dormant again.  In addition, "Doc" had saved his extensive collection of audio clips across a variety of web sites, some of which disappeared soon after Doc's death.

Fortunately, Dave Schmidt was able to download and archive everything on A.J.'s blog and off-blog storage.  Honoring my promise to the Lindsey family to continue in the fashion in which A.J. would approve and to continue to credit him and his blog with the material, we will be bringing the aforementioned archived material back, to reside on this blog:  in memory of A.J., who worked so hard to bring you these memories back to life; for all the fine people of KAAY who "made it happen"; and for THE KAAY 1962-1985 we all remember and love.

What more could we do?  We can not let these fine aural memories fade into nothingness... it would be a shame to lose what A.J. sought to bring to you dear folks.  So, with that, sit back, enjoy the memories we're bringing back to you and PLEASE comment when you can or so feel inspired.

Thank you for your support!  I'm sure A.J. would approve....

Bud S. (

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  1. Speaking of Doc Holiday, I worked with one of Kaay's Doc's, Dub Murray. he was working at kfro in Longview Tx and I was working the fm side Klsq. Years ago while I was working at McDonald's on South University I would pick Jonnie King's brain, and if I remember he had worked at kmyo.