Wednesday, January 30, 2013

KAAY To Soon Return To The Air

An anonymous post popped up late January 28 and I just got to it today:

"Anonymous January 28, 2013 at 10:15 PM

Just to let everyone know, KAAY will be back on the air soon. A 5KW transmitter is being delivered hopefully tomorrow (1-29-13) Just waiting on the crystal now."

There are things in the mix, folks, please be patient!  I will not divulge my source....

Bud S. (


  1. In the thread below:

    "There is a replacement transformer available on site (A complete MW-50B was purchased on eBay several years ago for parts), but the rectifier stacks are different and are on order."

    Oh, Horseshit! Get some HV wire and some 2x4s and any rectifier stack that you can scrounge and get to it! Bypass the interlocks, take the doors off, fill the room behind the MW-50 with high voltage, lock the room, and go for it! Does KLRT still have the 25 kv supplies for the old Analog transmitter on the back porch? Get a forklift and go get them!

    HV supplies just ain't that complicated and Entergy will loan you all of the transformers that anyone would ever want. Jim Weldon did not build XER by ordering rectifiers from the factory. Are you guys engineers or not?

    Or do you guys WANT to be off the air? Five kilowatts my ass!

    I see why Dave T. cannot bring himself to speak their corporate name. Maybe this may be a contest to see who can out-bad Multimedia. There may be a winner!

    KAAY's last FCC filing was a December 2012 Extension of their STA to fool around with the nighttime antenna. It is not apparent if they have FCC permission to be silent. Tomorrow I will ask.

    Why does it matter? KAAY is the ONLY radio station that can talk to all of Arkansas in an emergency.

    This station is ripe for a license challenge by local people. We can always hope.

  2. As of Feb. 1st @ 7:30 AM KAAY is still off the air.

  3. oh, please tell me there will again be an internet feed fo beaker street

  4. According to the current FCC database, KAAY has not fooled for permission to be silent and has not filed any correspondence with the FCC.

    I have asked the Mass Media Bureau to determine if KAAY has obtained FCC permission to be off the air. The FCC expects radio stations to be on the air and requires an application within a short deadline.

    Didn't the Wrightsville Tour Group say that there was a 5 kw standby on site? What's going on?

  5. KAAY has returned back to the air tonight. WIsh the format could be changed.

  6. To answer Hollis's questions, the reason the station was off the air for nearly a month was due to lack of care @ the transmitter site. I guess with all the snow in late Dec. and heavy rain early in Jan. enough water seeped into the transitter to ruin it. The parts from the stand by transmitter didn't fit. So they had to order another one to get back on the air. Unsure of how much of a loss they took being off the air. Losses started coming in 10 yrs. ago when the transmitter problems started. Management was told but did nothing. KAAY ended up losing around $300,000 in a years period and has never really recovered from that.