Monday, January 28, 2013

'Nother Nice E-Mail...

...this time, from a fellow Ham and AM enthusiast, Tim Moore:

"Hey Bud, It's been a while since I last "talked" to you. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the work you're doing! I have to disagree with Mike in Wisconsin. KAAY was THE Giant! We could all listen to WLS, WABC, KOMA and all the others but KAAY was family! I often sit in the shack at night after I go QRT and I listen to all the audio clips. I have them saved to the computer and as I listen, it just brings back really great memories of a time long ago. Seems like things were so much easier back then, no computers, no texts, tweets and instant round the clock bombardment of information like we have now. I told my boss just the other day, I'd give anything for a typewriter and carbon paper!! My cousins and I used to go camping on the weekends and what I remember best was sitting around the fire, deep in the woods by the lake with my Panasonic RF-2200 listening to KAAY music and then Beaker Street. We just thought we were so cool! I still have the RF-2200 and it misses KAAY! Bud, thanks for all you do, I can't wait for the next audio posts!

73 My Friend!
Tim N5YCN"

THESE are the kinds of neat, wonderful memories we're looking for!  Keep 'em coming, folks!

Bud S. (

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