Tuesday, January 8, 2013

KAAY Wayne Moss, April 1, 1974

"Ladies and gentlemen (boooom!), Wayne Moss!"

This aircheck was made on April 1, 1974.  We didn't want to wait till April to post this one, so here it is in wintry January, but maybe it will get you in the mood for spring!

Here's Greg Barman's commentary about the material: "10:10am-11:20am. Telescoped, though a lot of music left in. KAAY promotes their big power on this aircheck a lot, like the increment-weather promo: 'our 50,000 watt signal will reach out in the increment weather and keep you appraised.' There's a promo for Beaker Street with Don Marcus and a sing-over jingle over the beginning of Olivia Newton-John's 'If not for you'. Note the spot for a Casio mini-calculator, which cost $19.95 back then! Newsguy is Mitch Michaels.''

April Fool's joke here?  No...but maybe so....listen carefully!

(or download here)

This is another tape-to-digital conversion Greg facilitated for us.  I must say, Greg's dedication to preserving the audio of our favorite station is stupendous!  Thank you, Greg!

Thanks also go to Dave S. for his computer wizardry for archiving and linking for us to enjoy!

And thanks to Wayne Moss for offering his library to us!

Bud S. (staceys4@hotmail.com)

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  1. At 0:10 we hear a live spot for Jim Allenwood Electric and another at 11:18 for Linn's Auto Parts. These live spots were a regular feature of KAAY daytime programming and were often sponsored by small businesses in small towns around Arkansas.

    As I heard it, these spots were sales accounts of KAAY Farm Director Marvin Vines, who had contacts in small towns all over Arkansas. This was likely a good deal for a small business and allowed them to advertise on a great big radio station. It was likely a good deal for KAAY because the spots were prewritten without production expenses and were probably run-of-schedule and could be placed in an otherwise-unsold slot on the schedule.

    I always wondered if this practice was a holdover from the KTHS days.