Thursday, April 3, 2014

29 Years Ago Today....

...KAAY "went to be with God", as Clyde Clifford said.  Then was "The Last Day", some say "The Day The Music Died".  Yes, many of you have read here the mention of The Last Day with Barry McCorkindale and David B. Treadway and all our discussions about the demise of KAAY.

There were many reasons: FM coming on strong, bad management, etc.  For what it's worth, go to the search window in the upper left-hand corner and type in "The Last Day" and read all the commentary, stories, newspaper clippings, etc.

But, in spite of it all, we're keeping the great memories of KAAY, 1962 through 1985, right here on the Mighty 1090 KAAY blog!  Please visit often, leave comments and e-mail me with YOUR personal stories and memories and we'll post them here!

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