Monday, April 7, 2014

David B. Treadway Spinning Rock And Roll Again!

I remember David B. Treadway in the latter days of (rock and roll) KAAY; as of late, mentioned last year, he's been playing the newer Country and Western on "US 97", KQUS, with Vicki Parker, on the morning shift, Monday through Friday.  Lately, he's been doubling over on KWUS' classic rock sister station, "The Rocket" on 101.9, KLXQ, from 2 PM Central Time, until....

(In fact, the whole staff you hear on KQUS doubles over on the various U S Stations affilliates during the's called "saving money", using existing staff for live commentary during the broadcast day.)

Needless to say, it's great to hear David B.'s thunderous voice over rock and roll again!  Here is the link for those of you who cannot hear them directly in Hot Springs, AR:

Rock on!

Bud S. (

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