Monday, April 7, 2014

Bob Steel And Others Fired From KARN

Big-company conglomerates really stink....

Former KAAY personality Bob Steel, along with Dave Elswick and Jack Heinritz, were all fired Thursday, April 3, 2014 from KARN FM/AM....

Bob says he's not bitter about it, as he owns a small public relations firm....

Read about it here:

I missed interviewing Bob by minutes, when I was in Little Rock two years ago this month...Jerry Sims and I missed him, as he had left the studios a few minutes before we's Jerry, "Sonny Martin II", in front of the studios when we were there:

Dave Montgomery and Hollis Duncan both have great memories of Bob...Dave worked with him at the 7th Street Studio and mentioned that he is a "true broadcast professional and a first-class gentleman".

Maybe we can corner him soon, for some favorable comments about KAAY...?  If anyone has any personal contact information on Bob, please contact me ASAP at my e-mail address below:

Bud S (


  1. The Saturday morning golf show Bob does on KARN he buys the airtime from the station for that program. Its terrible he gets fired from his morning gig, but they still want the money rolling in.

  2. Bob Steel is on Twitter -

    and a website -