Friday, April 4, 2014

Memories From John W. Frank

Solicited from the KAAY-AM Mighty 1090 Facebook page:

"John W Frank When I think of KAAY, one program comes to mind...Beaker Street with Clyde Clifford. Clyde once told me the reason he likes to keep someone on the phone as long as possible was because of the location. You know he was broadcasting from the tower in Redfield, waaayyy out in the boonies at the time, and if someone was on the phone, he had a 2-way contact with the world. The Mighty 1090 was one of the few radio stations that broadcast 24/7, so smaller stations would leave their towers and that would 'bounce' the signal. If the weather was right, that would result in Clyde getting calls from all over the country. I was stationed in San Francisco in late '73, and I picked up the show a few times, when the weather was right. It was a real treat to hear to hear that 'on air' care package from home."

Thanks, John!  This is one of the rare times someone from the West Coast has mentioned hearing KAAY, especially with the two powerhouses on that end of the continent, KING and XERB (?).

Keep those comments coming, folks!  Bud S. (

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