Sunday, September 5, 2010


To All My KAAY/Mighty 1090 Friends:

Labor Day is Monday. A day we honor all of those, including most reading these words, the men & women of America who toil daily in their pursuit of the American Dream:

A family and friends to love & care for, food, clothing & shelter for ourselves and our family, and producing a product, selling a product, providing a service, or, whatever means of "labor" that is used to contribute to the people and the country that we live in.

I was struck by the majesty of this cover of Collier's Magazine from Labor Day, 1942, as America waged War. Production of automobiles & related products had ceased and the factories, instead, turned out Airplanes, Ships, Tanks, Jeeps, Guns, Bullets, Mortars, Hand Grenades, and every conceivable type of product they could to help our fighting men & women.

WITH ALL OF THE ABOVE IN MIND, please take a close look at this painting by reknowned artist ARTHUR SZYK that was used for the Collier's cover, September 12, 1942. Although this is NOT Memorial Day, we still have men & women in harm's way today. So let's not forget them...nor those, including my Dad, Bill Edwards working at Wagner Electric Corporation in St. Louis, who labored for the greater good on the Homefront on all of the Labor Day's during WWII.

God Bless America...and the men & women who labor in all fields of endeavor to make it, and keep it, the greatest Nation in the World.

Jonnie King

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