Friday, September 10, 2010

"New" Jonnie King Aircheck #1!

Folks, I was able to find three airchecks of Jonnie recently; one was of November 29, 1971 and the other two were from February 6, 1972.  The latter is in two parts and originally came to me mislabled, but Jonnie set me straight.  They are concurrent, breaking in the middle of a selection, Ben E. King's, "I Who Have Nothing".

I encouraged Jonnie to send along some comments when I called him one evening; he's a great one for detail and readily complied, for our reading and listening pleasure!  Here's Jonnie's comments on the November 29, 1971 aircheck:

"Hi Bud !

Good talking to you the other night and, as promised, here's the Information on the 2 Airchecks you sent me from November, 1971 & February 6, 1972.

Let's start with November 29, 1971: Since I arrived at KAAY in April of 1969, my On Air Shift had been 8pm-Mid, and, later 8pm-11pm. (Since I was Music Director also, I was actually in the building & my office from about 3pm on.) My ratings were super for that Time Period...I think my first one came in at about a 39 Share of the Audience in 1969. And they stayed high all through my years in that slot, thanks to my audience, my fellow air personalities, and the great people in KAAY management with all of their help & support.

But Wayne Moss, who was the PD in 1971, had been doing the Mid Day shift and wanted more time in the office, so at the end of October '71, he decided to place me in that slot...knowing that I could bring some of my Night Time Listeners & already-established "name recognition" along. SO, my first Mid Day Show began on November 1, 1971. It was 10am-Noon, gave me more "daytime" in my M.D. Office, and freed-up my nights. (A number of my girlfriends were truly thankful for that ! )

However, as with ANY Shift Change, there is a "learning curve" that you have to go through to get the pace & rhythm of the new Day Part, the Audience, and, the focus of the "room" itself. What do I mean by that ? Well, during the day shifts the FULL Office Staff is in the building, and many in sales, traffic, engineering, management, etc., will come into the Studio to check the log, ask about a remote, check on the equipment, et al. These are things that you usually don't have to worry about too much after 6pm...but they definitely disturb your focus while your On The Air ! Now back to November 29, 1971.

I had only been doing this shift for a few weeks as you can see. It was the Monday after Thanksgiving, and so some Christmas Spots were in the mix. But, in reality, I hadn't settled completely into the Time Period. That sometimes takes a few months, and I ask that the listener have mercy on me...'cause I was not at my best in that slot yet. (SPECIAL NOTE: To hear what I sounded like after I REALLY locked-into that shift, PLEASE go to my Personal WebSite and listen to my "Summer Of '72" 10am-Noon Air then I had it nailed ! )

In addition, the night of November 29, 1971 I was a Judge at the Talent Contest given by the Mayor's Youth Council of Little Rock. (I don't remember who won, but I know it wasn't David B. with his harmonica solo of "Shaft" !! )"

Jonnie King Nov. 29, 1971:   stream   |   download 

Next up, February 6, 1972, what I call the "A" aircheck!

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