Thursday, September 23, 2010


If you remember, in listening to "New" Aircheck #3 from February 6, 1972, I mention in a PSA that you can see the "behind the scenes action of what goes into a play at the Arkansas Art Center", and that I may be there.

Well, here's the follow-up:  As stated in my previous info that you may have read  (Scroll down this page and read it if you haven't ) in my description of "New" Aircheck #2, in February, 1972 I tried out for the AAC Production of Neil Simon's "The Star Spangled Girl" and won the role of "Andy". It was a fun show, with a cast of only 3, which meant a lot of lines, and a lot of script to memorize.

[NOTE: "The Star Spangled Girl" had just been turned into a 1971 feature film before we did this version of the original stage play. The film starred Tony Roberts, Sandy Duncan, and Todd Susman in the lead roles. Ironically Susman, like myself, was originally from St. Louis. ]

The show was directed by Fay Martin, and Tom Carlisle & Susan Moore were my cast mates.  Tom worked in the Promotion Department of KARK-TV, Susan was a pretty blond who was a student at the UALR.

In addition, the Set Dresser/Art Director for the show was a sweet, cute, wonderful little girl named Sidney who became the "special one" in my life.  Sidney was an Art Director for an advertising agency in LR., and is just as talented & cute today as she was then.

I don't know where Tom & Susan are today, but Sidney is a Katrina survivor who fled from her beautiful home in Waveland, Mississippi to Baton Rouge, Louisana...where she is today. (Her home in Waveland was completely demolished, all that is left is the concrete slab it was built on. ) Sidney found me again through the power of the www a number of years ago, and we're in contact everyweek.

"The Star Spangled Girl" was On Stage at the AAC from March 1 - 4. The above pic is an "in-rehearsal" shot of myself & Tom Carlisle from late-February, 1972...I'm on the left.

What wonderful memories this all brings back to me, AND how "random" is it that 38 years after this event I've just chronicled for you, Bud would send me an Aircheck with THIS SPECIFIC PSA on it, an Aircheck that I didn't even know existed, and that directly ties-in with one of the most important times, and, most important & wonderful persons, in my life ??

I DON'T think it was "random"...I think it WAS Fate !

God bless you all and, right now especially, Sidney, Fay, Susan, Tom, and Bud.  Also, thanks to Dave for the audio !


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