Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"New" Jonnie King Aircheck #2!

Here's the next installment of Jonnie's comments, this time on February 6, 1972, the first part:

"Next up: February 6, 1972, Okay, this was a Sunday Afternoon and we were doing a Golden Oldies-Style Weekend...which was pretty cool. There were a LOT more commercials than I remembered ! Plus, I was on MANY of the spots, along with Phil North, Wayne Moss, and, Mike McCormick (Barry Wood).

As I partially stated above, everytime period & daypart must be handled differently...and that includes Weekends. All in all I did a good job in this Air Check (which I had NEVER heard before !), considering the "Check" is not scoped, and that there were really SO MANY COMMERCIALS !

ONE THING FOR YOU TO LISTEN TO very carefully for in Pt.2. is when I do a PSA for the Arkansas Art Center stating that "you can go there this afternoon, and see the behind-the-scenes activity going on. I may be there too." WELL, here's the story on that:

If you've read my Bio you know that I was an Actor before I got into Radio. Well, in January, 1972, we had a notice that the Arkansas Art Center was holding tryouts for a play they were producing. It was Neil Simon's "Star Spangled Girl", and it only had a cast of three...2 guys, 1 girl. Since I now had my evenings free and could attend rehearsals if I got cast, I decided to tryout and did so on the night of January 22, 1972. I got cast, and we started rehearsals on January, 31st. The "Star Spangled Girl" opened on March 1st to great reviews...my Personal Reviews were truly great also and it enhanced KAAY as well as myself by the response & publicity that we got.

Well, Bud, that's about it. I don't know how many times I've said this "in person" or on this Blog, but if I could go back to that time & place, and redo all of my KAAY/Mighty 1090 days all over again...I would be there NOW !

(If anyone wants to drop me a note please do !   www.jking@thewwbc.net  )

God Bless --- Thanks !

Jonnie King"

Jonnie King, Feb. 6, 197, Part A:  stream   |   download

Thank you, Jonnie!  Folks, stand by for the second half of this aircheck!

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