Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"NEW" Video Uncovered, KAAY Kommandos and Harlem Globetrotters!

WOW!  Compliments of "Charlie King" (Charlie Scarbrough) comes a video from 'way back, about 1968!  This was actually a promotional video by Little Rock TV station KATV, channel 7, but it featured the two aforementioned teams.  Charlie says that KATV did the feature specifically on Bozo, since he was on their station, but KAAY got some publicity, nonetheless.  A. J. Lindsey had originally mentioned the KAAY Kommandos in his blog:

Pay attention to the video, you'll see these players all over the place!  From left to right in the picture above is #32, "Sonny Martin" (Matt White), #51, station manager Pat Walsh, Bozo (Gary Weir), #31, news director George J. Jennings, #25, weekend newsman Steve Riggs (Tommy Riggs' brother) and kneeling, the supplier of the video is #16, deejay "Charlie King" (Charlie Scarbrough)!

Whether we call them "Commandos" or "Kommandos", I don't know; I've seen it both ways.  However, the GREAT thing is that live video of the team exists!  Please note that this was taken from an old tape, so the visual quality is not what we'd have today and I'm sure there was some degradation while being stored, BUT, it is wonderful, priceless, newly-exposed history!  And, thanks to Dave S. who was able to work his computer know-how and get it here, please enjoy!


Thank you, Charlie Scarbrough!!!!

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