Friday, October 28, 2011

A Couple Of "Steve Scott" Stories

Steve Morris, a.k.a. "Steve Scott", KAAY, 1974-1976 checked in with a couple of interesting stories!  (notations are mine bs)

"In the two years I worked there, I did 1630-2300 (4:30 to 11:00 PM) hrs. M-F.  From 1630 (4:30 PM) I did production. and at 1900 (7:00 PM) I took over the board to run 'THE WORLD TOMORROW' -Garner Ted Armstrong- which was an hour long program.  We were located in the old Dr's bldg. (W. 7th Street) across the street from the State Capital  and I lived less than a mile away.  I'd run home and get my dog (FUNKY FUGLY! That was his on-the-air name!!) and get on back to the station hoping the pre-recorded tape didn't break while I was gone!!  At 2000 (8:00 PM) it was time to rock-n-roll!!  Nobody in the building at that time except me and Fugly, so I'd just let him run through the building until I needed 'him' to help me read the weather!!   He was the ugliest PEEK-a-POO in the World.  He would get on my lap while I was 'doing' the weather and I could make him growl and bark and he modulated the 50kw GIANT very well!!  At 2300 (11:00 PM), it switched over the transmitter site for BEAKER STREET and me and Fugly headed home, where I went back on-the-air 80 meters ssb (Ham radio, folks bs).

One day I came in at 1630 (4:30 PM) and of course started the day by answering fan mail to me and Fugly (he got his share).  When I checked my mailbox, it was stuffed with paper-towels & CRAP!! (literally).  Seems as though Fugly had been going into Pat Walsh's office to take a dump on occasion!!!  Pat had picked it up & stuffed into my mail box!!!  I got the hint!  BTW:  Pat kept his door closed at night after that!!!!"

Oh, boy...good thing Pat Walsh was who he was, kind soul and all!  So, Steve makes another Ham who worked at KAAY!  A lot of Hams who got off the air (engineers, too) couldn't wind down right away, so they got on the air in amateur mode and talked themselves down- or into the sunrise, whichever occurred first!

I remember when Art Bell, W6OBB, was on the AM broadcast band airwaves overnight, "AM Coast-To-Coast"; he would also get on the amateur airwaves after his shift and he had a weird cult following there, as well.  The frequency was 3.840 MHz in  lower sideband mode, and one could continue to listen to odd goings-on.  But this wasn't about Art Bell, it is about KAAY personnel, namely "Steve Scott"!

Steve currently resides here in the Mobile, AL area and worked at the local powerhouse, WABB before retirement.  We hope to hear from him again very soon...thank you, Steve!

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  1. More of the essence of Pat Walsh! So many managers would have called you into their office and yelled at you til the air turned blue. Pat made sure you got the message without saying a word.

    Thank you, Steve. The more Walsh stories I hear, the more I miss him!

    David B. Treadway
    Doc Holiday VII
    The Last PD

  2. Right people, Right time, Right place = KAAY a legendary radio station. The hi-lite of my radio career (24 yrs) -Steve Scott / & Funky Fugly- 74-76 'The Friendly GIANT' - K A A Y Little Rock.