Wednesday, October 12, 2011

KAAY June 5, 1968 With Mike McCormick

Another great audio offering from Russell Wells!  This is the Mike McCormick (Barry Wood) Morning Show, just before the 10 AM hour.  This is a 'scoped version, but all the ads are complete.  Great energy, classy, tight programming!

"Wanna buy a Giraffe?"

Ron Owens (Walt Sadler) heads up the news.  Calls over the air go to a potential K-Cash Winner to call Franklin 5-0105.  I think the Lucielle Ball/Henry Fonda ad for the movie "Yours, Mine And Ours" was a great memory...I'll be looking for the movie on satellite TV, if it comes around.

(or download from the archive page)

We certainly hope you're enjoying these great bits of audio history and that they invoke wonderful nostalgia for you!  Thanks to Dave S. for his computer wizardry!

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