Monday, October 3, 2011

KAAY April 1 1967 With Mike McCormick Part 1

And it's the Mike McCormick Music Show!  This portion of audio is also from Russell Wells.  You can tell this came from a studio tape, with the occasional flutter...nonetheless, it is great historical audio history!

What great ads!  Stuttgardt Drag Strip, Arkansas Raceway, The Outsiders at Robinson Auditorium etc.  I don't believe this selection was 'scoped at all.

We've written about Barry Woods/Mike McCormick on this blog before...and there's great things written about him.  Just enter either name in the search box at the upper left corner and read all the entries.

With no further delay, here's Mike McCormick!

(or download from the archive page)

Thanks to Dave S. for the wonderful audio help on this blog!

Bud S. (

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