Monday, October 10, 2011

"John Edward Diamond" And Beaker Street

Folks, I found this little post on Airchexx, and have left a message there for Hal Moore, a.k.a. "John Edward Diamond" to contact me:

"Hi, guys…does anyone remember me? My name is Hal Moore but on the air I was John Edward Diamond..and I came to KAAY when Clyde Clifford left Beaker Street..I was hired by then Program Director Wayne Moss…and did the show for a year and a half…just wondering ..good luck..Hal"

I'll be calling Wayne Moss in the near future to ask about the meantime, if any of you know Hal, or his involvement with KAAY and Beaker Street, please direct him my way, will you?

Thank you!

Bud S. (


  1. Found this comment left by John Diamond on YouTube and pasted an URL to this post to that account.

  2. I've been searching everywhere and finally found someone else who mentions John Diamond. Listened to him many nights out late cruising with buddies till morning. Never forget it. Never be another John Diamond.

  3. Does anyone, anywhere, have any tapes of John Diamond. I grew up listening to Clyde and after him John. Lots of Clyde's episodes on the net, but have yet to find anything of John. He was a great and nobody even mentions him. It's like he fell off the face of the earth and this awesome broadcaster will be totally forgotten. Anybody have any info and willing to help, please contact me at: