Monday, January 10, 2011

"Beaker Street" Memo to KKPT Management

This is a comment that I posted on the KKPT "The Point" Facebook page this morning.  If your wish is to see this program remain on the air, please go the the "Keep Beaker Street Alive" Facebook page, and let your wishes be known to the station management.  If you don't use Facebook, then please go to the station's website:  

Thank you!

I would like to register my shock and dismay over the cancellation of "Beaker Street." In my radio experience, Sunday nights were never a highly profitable time slot for radio unless it was religious programming. This historic, legendary program is a vital part of Arkansas broadcast history.  With Internet streaming, the "Beaker Street" audience is truly that.  I believe that Clyde Clifford and this program have not been marketed properly. That's a shame, and I urge the management of KKPT to reconsider this decision. "Beaker Street" fans are much more numerous than you might think.

Please keep "Beaker Street" and Clyde Clifford on the air.


Richard C. Robinson

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