Monday, January 10, 2011

Pat Walsh, A Historical First, And The Razorbacks

Any KAAY fan (and certifyable radio nut like me) could see the connection in the title above.  I thought it signifigant how all three intertwined, so I hope you'll indulge me!

The "historical first" mentioned above was when KFMQ made Arkansas history by airing the first play-by-play broadcast of the Razorback football game on Saturday, September 27, 1924.  This was a practice game between the Arkansas Razorbacks and Northeastern Oklahoma Teachers College, at Razorback Field.  The announcer was A. W. "Johnnie" Porter from the sidelines.  Even another microphone was placed to get the crowd's reaction and the referee's whistle!

Pat Walsh was a big Razorback fan.  Here, from A. J. Lindsey's blog is what is called Pat's personal Razorback tape (click on the link):

I'll bet Pat is still rootin'!  This recording is 31+ minutes long, so get a cool beverage of your choice, sit back and turn the sound up!

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  1. pat had seats last row on the 5o yard line so he could lean on the back wall. He would share them with me a few times. I liked the seats but liked sitting with his family. Also stayed in his basement a few times. thanks for everything Ray